Over the course of two decades, since the founding in 1994, QTrade has been a pioneer in the North American Organic & Specialty Tea Industry.

Currently being the largest supplier of organic teas in North America, QTrade has built relationships with the most pioneering tea companies and helped them become more innovative.

With headquarter near Los Angeles in the United States, QTrade can supply and manufacturer on site blended teas to more custom packaged pyramid sachets.

From concept to finished product, QTrade develops and enhances your tea department at all stages.




When considering growth, innovation is critical to your brand. Flavor innovation is the primary driver of consumer demand of specialty teas, enabling brands with deep innovation pipelines supporting their growth to lead the market.  Increasingly flavor profiles require a high degree of customization to both provide differentiation and to tailor teas to specific market segments. 

QTrade’s award winning Product Development team provides a unique three-dimensional approach to formulations that goes beyond the creative fusion of appearance, aroma, and flavor.  In addition, building a recipe includes critical commercial considerations such as building the appropriate supply chain, quality profile, and pricing structure to support a safe, regulated, profitable, and scaleable product launch. 

The formulation relationship forms the crux of our external tea department function we play as we interact with client’ product development, marketing, supply chain and quality teams to support their corporate goals for the tea category.