Your specialty tea brand's partner, from garden to cup

QTrade is passionate about enabling specialty tea brands deliver some of the world's most unique and complex flavors and aromas to their customers. Each sip of specialty tea is a trip to the land of its origin, offering the taste of seasons and gardens from all over the world.

A fast-growing enthusiasm for this richness in a cup is creating a modern global renaissance in tea, with consumers eager for innovation. They demand on-trend, natural and organic ingredients, in innovative blends and flavors. QTrade is a leading contract manufacturing partner, enabling the industry's biggest brands to deliver these experiences to a demanding market. 

Started in 1994 by a former tea grower with over 50 years of experience, QTrade is North America's largest organic and specialty tea supplier. It has deep expertise formed at the garden level, and a multi-country sourcing network, with relationships built over several decades. Based near Los Angeles, California, QTrade offers on-shore facilities and services that meet GFSI standards, with organic and validated-sustainable supply chains. These include Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Ethical Tea Partnership certified sources.


QTrade works with clients ranging from promising start-ups to the world's largest multinational beverage brands in the hot, iced, and bottled tea segments. QTrade partners don't merely receive a portfolio of services, they gain an expert external tea department for their brand.



QTrade is passionate about converting natural ingredients into sensory experiences that customers crave. Its a culture of innovation, and deep sourcing connections, enable rapid development of supply chains to support innovative formulations.

Building a successful recipe goes beyond simply developing a creative fusion of appearance, aroma, and flavor. QTrade's multi-award-winning product-development team uses a carefully considered three-dimensional approach to formulations. The team builds the critical commercial backbone every recipe needs: an appropriate supply chain, a rigorous quality profile, and a pricing structure that will support a safe, regulated, profitable, and scalable product for brands. 


QTrade offers innovative and functional products and services that meet all of a brand's day-part and channel needs.