Ready-To-Drink Teas

The ready-to-drink (RTD) market is growing in step with other specialty tea markets. Customers want natural ingredients, fresh-brewed taste, and innovative flavors.

How does QTrade support your RTD brand?

1. Natural ingredients for bottled recipes

Customers increasingly demand that even RTD teas be made from real leaves, not flavorings. QTrade supplies tea leaves for fresh-brewed recipes that are to be offered in a bottled, ready-to-drink format.

2. Blends for bottles

QTrade develops blends for bottled brands that combine tea with other botanicals. RTD brands have access to the same flavor-innovation channels available to iced tea and even loose-leaf brands.

3. Working with bottlers

QTrade works with both the brand-development team and bottler to develop the ideal ingredients and blends, as well as blend technologies, that best support the bottling process.

4. Supporting flavor houses

QTrade identifies the perfect teas and supply channels for flavor houses that develop extractions for bottle tea brands.