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Specialty Loose Leaf

Loose leaf teas offer dramatic visuals and aroma, the most complex flavor, and the theater of the brewing process, complete with "the agony of the leaves", all grounded in and springing from the unique terrior that  produced the tea. Loose-leaf tea is the widest canvas to showcase the richness of the specialty tea experience. QTrade understands the possibilities and responsibilities of this medium, and ensures that this passion is translated into every consumer's cup.

The formulation process begins with the identification of unique teas and complementary botanical ingredients. QTrade's decades in the industry, and deep connections at source, allow it to identify wonderful ingredients, and even, if necessary, specify how they should be processed at the tea gardens. The magic, or art, of the formulation process is the marrying of these ingredients to provide a rich sensory experience that is tailored to meet function, day part, and channel requirements.

The formulation process takes into consideration five stages of the consumer experience:

  1. Visual. The blend must be beautiful as “dry” or pre-infused tea blend.
  2. The blend must be aromatic.
  3. The brewing process should also be theatrical as the tea leaves unfurl and release their flavors.
  4. The infusion color must be vibrant.
  5. The tea must be full of flavor!